About EARO

A Fee-for-Service initiative by Experimental Drug Development Centre
(EDDC) – Singapore’s national platform for drug discovery and
development, hosted by A*STAR

Our Mission

We offer academic and industrial partners in Singapore and abroad access to EDDC’s drug discovery technologies and expertise. Our cutting-edge technologies and in-depth expertise can support your goal of transforming your scientific hypotheses into drug candidates.

History of EARO

Founded in 2020, EARO was conceived to foster an environment conducive for translating great science into great medicines. We do so by connecting aspiring drug hunters to the rich scientific expertise and state-of-the-art technology platforms at EDDC.

An initial market survey revealed a demand for fee-for-service models to access EDDC’s scientific resources. From its beginnings as a complement to the EDDC portfolio development engine, EARO has evolved to include a mature project acceptance and performance framework with several ISO 9001:2015 certified technology platforms under its fold.

EARO strives to improve and expand its range of service offerings to support the community’s endeavors in drug discovery and development.

Engage with Confidence

EARO operates under an independent governing body to preserve its autonomy despite being nested within EDDC. This ensures a clear separation of legal tasks, data confidentiality management, and data ownership.

EARO is committed to complete process transparency under the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, so whether you seek to engage with us for full service, technology access, or a hybrid of both, our business models are designed to do 2 things:

  • assure researchers that the data generated is confidential and solely belongs to them
  • every process passes rigorous scrutiny to ensure service excellence


A very warm welcome to EARO.

Since the establishment of EDDC in 2019, translating great drug discovery research into great medicines has been our core mission. Drug discovery and development process is lengthy, complex, and costly. We believe that the pitfalls can be bypassed by having the right tools and expertise. Armed with this belief, EDDC created EARO to share such tools and expertise in order to transform your scientific hypothesis into a drug.

At EARO, we believe that bringing together the best from all parties makes a project successful. What EARO brings are cutting edge technologies and in-depth expertise in all stages of drug development. Our dedicated team aims to accompany you during your drug development journey by providing a wide variety of on-demand services tailored to your needs.

EARO benefits from the unique environment offered in Singapore. This ecosystem allows collaborations and partnering to be conducted in a regulated system that protect your data, your intellectual properties, and your interests.

We are looking to working with you. Let’s start the discussion!

– Christophe Bodenreider

Core Values


Customer Focus

We care about the experience of our clients by striving to meet their expectations at all stages of the service, from enquiry till final reporting.


Team Centric

We set objectives and reporting such that everyone in the team has a stake in making the project a near perfect – when the team wins everyone wins.


Quality Science

We put every process and every outcome through rigorous scrutiny prior to deliverance to ensure service excellence.

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