Agilent VWorks Scheduling software

VWorks Automation Control software drives the integration of laboratory automation. It connects diverse Agilent and BioTek devices such as robotics, liquid handlers, readers, and washers into one cohesive, integrated system that ensures maximum throughput and optimal resource utilization. The new VWorks version 14.0 is available in 2 editions, Standard and Plus, to fit your lab’s needs.

VWorks Standard maintains the capabilities that make VWorks and Bravo one of the most recommended automated liquid handling platforms. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to connect and configure devices, create and run protocols, and monitor progress. Graphical forms interface building allows expert users to create simplified interfaces for routine users, reducing training costs. The integrated laboratory automation control software is scalable and dynamic, maximizing your lab productivity while expanding automation to a network of integrated devices.


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