Protein Structure & Biophysics

Solve and Understand your Protein-Ligand Interactions

The Protein Structure & Biophysics (PSB) platform specializes in the determination of high-resolution structures of proteins and protein-ligand complexes. In the context of drug development, understanding protein-ligand interactions is pivotal for accelerating lead identification and structure guided lead optimisation.

The PSB team provides solutions tailored to your needs starting from construct design, protein expression & purification, screening for crystal hit identification & optimisation of crystallisation conditions to atomic structure solution. The PSB team has access to both in-house diffractometers and commercial beamline at synchrotrons to provide fast turnaround to your projects. Experienced crystallographers with expertise on various target proteins will work together with the clients.

Scope of Services

    • Construct Design and Optimisation
    • Protein Expression and Purification
    • Crystallisation Screens & Crystal Optimisation
    • Protein – Ligand Complex & Crystallisation and Analysis
    • Epitope mapping for antigen-antibody interactions
    • High throughput fragment screening (FBDD)


Sample Types

    • Proteins/Enzymes/Ligands for crystallization
    • Expression vectors with protein of interest
    • Bacterial and insect expression systems



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